Pre-Need Planning

The death of a pet brings very difficult decisions for which you may not be prepared – especially if the loss is unexpected. Many pet owners haven’t thought about this situation until they are met with the unthinkable. A pet’s passing is an emotionally volatile time, and may, unfortunately, lead to a hasty, regrettable choice.

Pre-Need Planning is much like making final arrangements for ourselves in order to alleviate the burden on the family, friends, and loved ones.

Pre-Needs are a respectable, responsible choice to make, and while never easy, doing so will make us better prepared for the inevitable.

The staff at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park will kindly assist you in making these choices in the present, so the future may come a little easier.

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Chose the most befitting plot for your loved one.


Cremations and Mausoleum

Private cremation with an included urn.



We can provide transportation for your deceased pet from your residence or veterinarian’s office.