An inexpensive and meaningful alternative to burial, cremation affords you options, unlike ground interments. You may wish to keep your pet’s ashes at home. Perhaps scatter them at a meaningful location. If you so desire, you may spread them in our rose garden, or choose a niche in our historic mausoleum.

The park also provides special lots of cremains only, where you may bury up to eight urns in a single location.

Cremations performed at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park are 100% private procedures. We do not perform communal or
partitioned cremations.

Costs are based solely on the weight of your pet, and a polished, pine urn is included in the price.

Just like burial services, Slumber Room viewings are available to you and your family and may be as simple or elaborate as you wish.


Other Services



Chose the most befitting plot for your loved one.


Pre-Need Planning

Make plans for the inevitable.



We can provide transportation for your deceased pet from your residence or veterinarian’s office.